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The Signal Chapter Scholarship Program

  This awesome school year, 2024,  is our third year for the GENERAL Dennis L. Via All Airborne Signal Chapter Scholarship Program.

We encourage all Chapter members to share this information and opportunity with their dependents who want to submit their applications for these available scholarship funds. There is a fair amount of paperwork and documentation; it benefits each applicant to provide ALL documentation identified on the checklist.  Each scholarship awarded will be for $500.00. We encourage you to apply for this scholarship as early as possible within the timeline provided below.  

Good Luck to all Students! Rock Schmidt, Chapter Chairperson, and Pete Hill our Chapter Program Director

Information and Eligibility

Children, grandchildren of our Signal Chapter Annual or Lifetime members, may apply for the current school year.


Only one scholarship per family and one scholarship per person for that specific school year.  


The Mrs. Page Fisher

Scholarship annual award 

From Colonel Paul Fisher- I wanted to establish an annual scholarship award to honor my wife Page Fisher and the other Army spouses that have given so much of their time and energy volunteering and providing great mentorship and guidance to our service familes. A true labor of love!

mrs fisher_edited.jpg

The LTC William

Yarborough Scholarship

annual award

from Colonel Rock Schmidt, his awesome wife Anita, and Michael Yarborough (LT General Yarborough's grandson, and LTC William Lee Yarborough's son) and I are proud to establish an  annual scholarship in the name of LTC William Lee Yarborough.

His bio can be viewed by clicking on his picture!

ltc yarborough.jpg

Scholarship Awarded - 2024

Miss Cherokee Terry received a $1000.00 scholarship in honor of Mr. Andy Condon. Cherokee attends Georgia College and State University, where she studies nursing in preparation for a career as 
a Missionary Travel Nurse. 
This scholarship was made possible by a donation from former Specialist Jeff Condon, honoring his father, Andy. Andy Condon was a Vietnam Veteran who served with the 1/7th Air Cav, earning the Purple Heart Medal and the Combat Infantry Badge


Scholarship Awarded - 2023

Miss Sloan Wright was awarded one of the Signal Chapter Scholarships in honor of Mrs Paige Fisher. Presented on behalf of the Signal Chapter by LTC (Retired) Paul Fisher.  Congrats ! 

sloan wright scholarship awardee_edited.

Scholarship Awarded - 2022

Thomas Armes was awarded one of the Signal Chapter Scholarships in honor of Army Spouses, Presented on behalf of the Signal Chapter in honor of Mrs. Page Fisher. Congrats Thomas! 

Thomas Armes-2022.jpg

Scholarship Timeline

15 June 2024- Deadline for all application packages

30 June 2024- All application packet reviewed by Scholarship committee.  


1 1 July 2024- Committee decision on applicants who will receive the scholarship.


31 July 2024 - Notifications out to awardees and all members via email.

4th of July Weekend- Formal announcements of awardees and a paraglide article published.

pete and noah.png

The Mr. Andy Condon

Scholarship annual award

From SPC Jeff Condon- I wanted to establish an annual scholarship to honor my father. Andy Condon cut his teeth in the military by being assigned to the 1/7th Air Cav in Vietnam right out of OSUT, Ft Dix. He was the recipient of the Purple Heart medal and Combat Infantry Badge. It was important to establish this ongoing scholarship to aid as needed. For those who knew Andy, knew that he was a very giving person and always put others ahead of himself even up to the time of his death in 2021. This scholarship is a testament to the life he led.

andy condon.png

The 1SG Lucky Mullins

Family Scholarship

annual award

From 1SG Christopher (Moon) Mullins

and his sister, Mrs. Lynda Carpenter

from Evergreen Colorado, - "We are proud to establish an annual scholarship in my father's name. Our father 1SG Lucky Mullins served with distinction during WWII and Korea.. He received a battlefield commission to LT during the WWII Italian Campaign while serving in the 88th Infantry Division."  Chris has written a book about Lucky and his influence on our family available here on Amazon.

lucky 3.png

Scholarship Awarded - 2024

Miss Kassidy Hillard received a $1000.00 scholarship Her major is Health Science/Pre-Physician's Assistant.. She plans to attend undergraduate training at Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA, where she participates in campus study groups. She is Great-Neice of CW4(Ret) Kenneth B.N. “Pete” Hill.

The scholarship honors Sean Luketina, a brave soldier who served with distinction in A Co, 82nd Signal Bn TACCP/Assault Platoon,


Scholarship Awarded - 2022

Cason Smith was awarded one of the Signal Chapter Scholarships in honor of Sean Luketina. Presented on behalf of the Signal Chapter by COLONEL (Retired) Rock Schmidt.  Congrats Cason! 

Cason Smith 2022.png

Scholarship Awarded - 2022

Emma Powers was awarded one of the Signal Chapter Scholarships in honor of Army Spouses, Presented on behalf of the Signal Chapter in honor of Mrs. Page Fisher. Congrats Emma! 

Emma Powers 2022.jpg

Application Package

Application package available for downloading as of 3 Feb 2024!!!

Click on the image above to view the application package. Use your computer to download and save the Application Package to your hard drive. There should be four documents in the application package.


Fill out the package and send it in per the instructions provided. 

powers fam.jpg

The Technical Sergent Robert T. Schmidt Scholarship annual award

From Colonel Rock Schmidt- We wanted to honor my father and family by presenting this scholarship in the honor of Tech SGT Robert T. Schmidt, a World War II and Korean war veteran.

TSGT Robert T. Schmidt.png

The Sergeant Sean Luketina  Scholarship annual award

From Colonel Rock Schmidt- We are proud to offer a scholarship in honor of SGT Sean Luketina who served and passed on the field of honor during  Operation Urgent Fury, the Grenada Invasion. Sean was a awesome signal soldier that served with distinction from A Co TACCP/ Assault Platoon.


Scholarship Awarded - 2024

Miss Madeline Pokemire received a $500.00 scholarship.  "Earning my master’s degree in social work will help me to be able to do more things in this field and therefore make even more of an impact. After I graduated with my Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), I began working at a nonprofit in Sanford, NC. After I complete school, I plan to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)." thank you for giving me an opportunity to share about my educational and career goals.


Scholarship Awarded - 2022

Colin Smith was awarded one of the Signal Chapter Scholarships in honor of the Signal Chapter. Presented on behalf of the Signal Chapter by CW4 (Retired) Pete Hill.  Congrats Colin! 

Colin Smith 2022.jpg

Scholarships in the names of our heroes

For 2024 we are accepting scholarship donations. If you would like to earmark your donation/s for a specific cause, the only way for us to segregate these donations is for you to donate the money on the paypal link and send us a note or simply add a note in the paypal memo area that says: As example, "100$ donation. I would like 50$ to be in the name of Edgerton and 50$ to be in the name of the Donahue scholarship."


Scholarship Program donations can be made at this Paypal address:

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