This is our inaugural year for the GENERAL Dennis L. Via All Airborne Signal Chapter Scholarship Program. We encourage all Chapter members to share this information and opportunity with their dependents who want to submit their applications for these available scholarship funds. There is a fair amount of paperwork and documentation; it benefits each applicant to provide ALL documentation identified on the checklist.  Each scholarship awarded will be for $500.00. We encourage you to move forward and apply for this scholarship as early as possible within the timeline below as well as the instructions provided throughout.  

Good Luck to all Students! Timmy Wall, Chapter Chairperson and Rock Schmidt, Vice-Chairperson

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Information and Eligibility

Dependent children of our Signal Chapter Annual or Lifetime members, may apply for the current school year.


Only one scholarship per family and one scholarship per person for that specific school year.  

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Scholarship Awarded - 2022

Thomas Armes was awarded one of the Signal Chapter Scholarships in honor of Army Spouses, named after Page Fisher. Congrats Thomas! 

Colin Smith 2022.jpg

Scholarship Awarded - 2022

Colin Smith was awarded one of the Signal Chapter Scholarships in honor of the Signal Chapter. present on behalf of CW4 (Retired) Pete Hill.  Congrats Colin! 

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Scholarship Timeline

15 March 2022- Deadline for submitting applications.

NLT 30 March 2022- All application packet reviewed by Scholarship committee.

1 April 2022- Committee decision on applicants to receive the scholarships.

NLT 4 April 2022 - Notifications out to awardees via email.

Emma Powers 2022.jpg

Scholarship Awarded - 2022

Emma Powers was awarded one of the Signal Chapter Scholarships in honor of Army Spouses, named after Mrs. Page Fisher. Congrats Emma! 


Application Package

Click on the image above to view the application package. Use your computer to download and save the Application Package to your hard drive.


Fill out the package and send it in per the instructions provided. Good Luck!

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Scholarship Awarded - 2022

Cason Smith was awarded one of the Signal Chapter Scholarships in honor of Sean Luketina. on behalf of COLONEL (Retired) Rock Schmidt.  Congrats Cason! 

Scholarships in the Name of our Heroes



For 2023 we are accepting scholarship donations in the name of our Heroes listed below. If you would like to earmark your donation/s, the only way for us to segregate these donations is for you to donate the money on the paypal link and send us a note or simply add a note in the paypal memo area that says:

As example, "100$ donation. I would like 50$ to be in the name of Edgerton and 50$ to be in the name of the Donahue scholarship." I Hope that makes sense. Scholarship Program donations can be made at this Paypal Address:

Potential named Scholarships for school year 2023 below;





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Ed Murphy


Sluss- Tiller

Scholarship for our Airborne Signal Spouses/Children in honor of
Mrs. Page Fisher