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The “Signal Six” Exceptional Member Award.

signal six award.jpg


Why Signal Six?  This call sign has always been recognized as the Signal leader. 


The individual selected will receive a Signal Soldier statue with his/her name and year engraved on the base and a Certificate signed by the Chapter Executive Committee

The award consideration period will be from 20 April to 1 May of every year.  This time frame was selected in order to award the individual during All American Week.

The nominations will be submitted through the awards committee to the Executive Committee.

The nominee must be a chapter member in good standing.   Meaning the membership dues must be paid.

The individual accomplishments must be clearly articulated as to what significant contributions to the chapter were made.   These accomplishments must have been enduring.  This award is not intended to honor one or two events.

Any chapter member in good standing can nominate another chapter member.

Only one individual will be selected per year, however  this award does not have to be awarded every year.

Sitting elected officers are not eligible to receive this award.

Previous Recipients

  • 2020- Bill Bell

  • 2021 - Paul Fisher

  • 2021 - Ben Powers

  • 2022- Shawn Temple

  • 2023- Tim Wall

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